Thursday, September 24, 2009

International Students Night :)

Just got back :) I didn't stay out late, just til 11:30, even though I have no classes tomorrow. I had to walk back to my room all alone tonight-so I wanted to return early while the campus is still full of life :) But I had lots of fun! We went to a bar called "La Terrasse" and filled out these sheets and paper and got our photos taken. We get ID cards and whenever we go to that bar, we get a discount on drinks, yay! Tonight we got a free drink! So I got a beer on tap. Not sure what it was called...But it was good :) And then I just hung out and chit-chatted with my friends. They both got another beer, but I didn't want to drink anymore since I knew I'd be walking home alone. (It's always good to drink responsibly!) Plus, I've never really seen the point in getting "buzzed" or drunk or can have lots of fun without that!

Today I had my 8am class. LOL-I had to pause for a moment while typing that because it seems like soooooo long ago! It was so tiring. And all that writing I did this past week didn't even need to be handed in. It's just to help us comprehend the reading. So I'll continue doing the work...because it really did help me understand what was going on in class today!

Then I went to check my mail, but the building was locked :O It's been locked the past few times I've gone....when I first arrived, there was always a secretary in the office so the building door would be unlocked. I'm thinking that was just for the arriving students. So I tried using my key in the door, and nothing was happening! I was not very happy. I needed to get to this letter from the French "authorities" about the doctors appointment they set up for me (yes, this is MORE Visa crap!!). So finally, I decided to go to the residence hall on the OTHER side of campus to ask them if there was a special key for that building that they forgot to give me. Because another girl had just gotten her mail as I had been walking to the mailboxes, so I KNEW other people were able to get in.. But I had to pee first, so I stopped by my room and I also checked my email. Because I had emailed the housing people to ask them about this earlier in the week. And just like this summer when I needed to contact them, they never answered!

So anyway, I started my journey across campus and was walking pasted the mailbox building again, when two girls (one of which lives in my building) walked up to get into the building. So I stopped them and told them I was American and didn't know how to get in to the building to get my mail. And they were very sweet! Apparently, it's the same key that unlocks my room. But the lock is really weird! They showed me how exactly to unlock the door with it. You have to basically open the door while you turn the key! Confusing French locks!! So then I got my mail and everything was good :) But I need to check out that building. I didn't notice in my other trips there that there is a basement. I wonder what's down there?? The woman who brought me to my room when I arrived said she thought I had a laundry room somewhere, so maybe it is there ;) I will have to investigate next week!

I totally forgot to mention in my last blog about my trip to the Uni library!! My CUFLE class took a field trip across the sidewalk to the library. My teacher gave us a little tour but really wanted to show us the foreign language area. It's on the third floor and the stairs are a BITCH! I am terrified of heights and these stairs are the kind that you can look through and see below you :'( AND they move slightly when people walk on them. Yeah. Real Safe. Anyway, the language lab area is really cool! They have German textbooks and stuff so that's awesome! I didn't think they would because they don't offer any German classes here. So maybe I'll brush up on my German :) And there are easy French novels for us to read. And there are TVs and French movies that we can watch up there. AND in two different areas of the library, there are areas where you can watch TV channels from different countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I ever get a REALLY big urge to watch some American tv, I can do it there :) Except only when the library is no Ghost Hunters :'( By the way....the library hours are the most RIDICULOUS thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously could NOT believe it when I saw it. It is only open until 8:30 during the week. Saturday it's only open until 5 and Sunday until 1!!!!!!!!!!! At Buff State, the library is open until 11 I believe. AND-the study quad area with tables and computers and printers and stuff is open 24 HOURS A DAY!! So this is really not cool. If I ever need to print something for class, I'll have to actually plan when to print it :(

Had my Art History class today. We had to work in small groups and talk about paintings. I was stuck with this kid from South American country. (I doubt he will ever find this blog, lol...if he does, I'm screwed!) He is so....annoying and full of himself. He speaks WAY too fast! And it's with a Spanish accent. And he'll say all these "smart ass" remarks about things and thinks he's really funny. But what really is funny is that when he speaks and thinks he's really fluent in French, the teacher gets this pained look on her face, like she's trying really hard to understand what he's saying.
And he just randomly starts laughing hysterically at nothing! I'm not sure about him..............but I'm definitely gonna make sure I sit near someone else next week.............

Then I went home and napped and then went out :)

Did I mention that I've been eating lunch a few times a week at the student restaurant by the library?? If you are a student, you get a huge meal for only 2 euros and 90 cents! Way worth it! Though some days I have no idea what the food is, lol. Usually they have some sort of fish (sort of reminds me of talapia...but I don't think that's what it is). And they'll have French fries and a vegatable, and also a meat dish. Here's how it works:
You get in line, grab a tray and some silverware and a mini baguette bread thing, and then you go to these shelves. On one shelf is the choice for your cold side for the day. There's 2 or 3 things to choose from. I usually choose the couscous because it's usually there :) Then the next shelf are all the options for dessert. The desserts are always AMAZING!!!!! Today was some really yummy coffee flavored cream thing (almost like canoli filling but lighter...) and it was on a yummy roll with nuts and stuff on it. SO GOOD!! Then, you go to where the workers are with the "hot plate" foods, to get your main course. You tell them what hot side you want, and then you tell them what main food you want. The fish always has a REALLY good creamy white sauce with it! I can't really describe has mushrooms and some seafood in it. Very tasty! Then, you pay for your food. The lady gives you a napkin, and you grab a glass. Then you find somewhere to sit, and you can fill a pitcher with water if you want, or you can just take your glass up to the water dispenser and fill your glass.
The food isn't always the greatest, but it's always nice to get a huge meal for little money! And it's always edible. There hasn't been a day yet where I'm like "ew. not eating that." So yeah.

That's it for now my loves :) I'll write more this weekend!


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  1. Oh my gosh, kk, i'm so jealous of your field trip across the sidewalk!! I wanna go!!

    The French school meals sound better and way healthier than the ones here in the U.S. (and way cheaper, too).

    I'll try and post something tomorrow, as it is 1:05 am here, and i have mad hw to do this week and i also have to finish up with Carl's anni gift, ooooh will i ever find the time?! The answer is, yes, I will, but i must first go to bed and figure it all out in the morning!!

    Bon nuit, ma petite!!

    luvvies, me!!