My Essential French Lit List

Welcome to my list of essential French lit!  This is 100% my own opinion, and I probably will have things listed on this page that I think are amazing that others are like "why is this on here??". 

Basically, it works like this.  I'll periodically be doing posts about a French poem, novel, etc that I've read.  I'll summarize, and then I'll say why I think you should read it.  Maybe that reason is because of the way it impacted literature after it.  Maybe that reason is because I personally connected with the story or a character.  All of those posts will be linked in ABC order by time period on this page. 

Got something French you want me to read?  Let me know!  My email is and my twitter name is @tomgirl571.

*By French, I mean anything written in the French language.  So that can be from any French speaking country, not just France :)

Middle Ages
La Chanson de Roland (1100s)

Le Bateau Ivre (The Drunken Boat)-1871

Les Faux-Monnayeurs (The Counterfeiters)-1925
Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)-1943