Friday, October 2, 2009

Doctors, free drinks, etc...

Hmm where to start.....I'm very tired and don't really remember this week very well, LOL! I will try to give you all a play-by-play though..

I remember I woke up and remembered dreaming about sitting with Shannon and Mocha in our living room with the old yellow shag rug, lol. And a song by Jewel came on the radio. Just had my CUFLE class. LOL I totally think I already talked about this because my last blog was posted on Tuesday. Wow Kelly. Go to bed!

Okay Wednesday I had those stupid doctors appointments for my visa stuff. Stupidest thing ever! Like really! The first appointment was radiology. We had to get x-rays of our chests and stomachs and stuff. Took like 2 seconds! The only awkward thing was that you had to take off your shirt and bra and press yourself up against this weird xray contraption.......yeah. Then we took our xrays to the doctor, where we also needed to get check ups. This was seriously the most ridiculous thing ever. We all needed to get check ups when we were accepted into the study abroad program!!!!!!! And this appointment was seriously a f***ing joke. He called me into the exam room. Didn't even have to change into a gown or anything. Just took off my flip flops. Sat on the bed while he took blood pressure and tested my blood sugar (with one of those cool no-pain contraption things! i love them-i wish my doctor would use them for finger pricks because it was PAINLESS!! and that's saying a LOT because I'm the girl who wouldn't let the doctors test me for mono so Daddy had to hold my finger out so they could prick me...yeah...) Then I stood on the scale, then he checked my height. Then he checked my breathing. Then I peed into a cup. Then he looked at my xray and said I am perfect. Yeah. Took less that 10 minutes. And it took me HOW long to walk out there?! Like 45 minutes?! What a waste of time......
Bought envelopes finally so you will all be getting letters soon!! and I LOVE the envelopes! Seriously-do they sell them like this in the states?? They are in a stack, and they are all connected like post-it notes, so you can keep them all together, and then write an address on the top one, and then rip it off when you are ready to stuff it. It is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! I've never seen these before! Please tell me we have them back home, or else I'm bringing like 4 packs home with me!!!!!!! I can't believe I've lived 20 years without these babies!!

By the way, today I bought a wine bottle opener :) Woohoo!! Guess who's buying a bottle of wine this weekend?! My very very very very very first bottle of wine bought with my very own money, with my very own ID card!! So exciting!!!!!! I bet you are all SO jealous!

PS-I've now been here a MONTH!! It is Oct. 2nd, and I arrived Sept. 2nd!! It seriously flew by. It's weird. But woo I made it ;)

Yesterday I had my CUFLE l'Histoire de l'Art class. I liked it much more this week than in the past. That kid I was talking about in my last blog was my partner again, but he was so nice and talked at a nice pace and yeah. What I really hate about all my CUFLE classes is that there isn't a set room for any of them. Every Monday, we have to go to the CUFLE office and look at the schedule to see what classrooms our classes will be in for that week. So stupid!! Why can't they choose one for each class?! The rooms from past weeks are always still empty.........stupid.....

I met with the guy who is supposed to make sure we're registered for classes on Thursday. And I was SO surprised when he started speaking to me in AMERICAN ENGLISH!!!!!!!! He's an effing American!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he's SUCH cool guy! We barely even talked about my classes and stuff. I was in his office for like 30 minutes just talking about random stuff. He's a huge rock music fan, and he is seeing Green Day this week. He used to have a Green Day poster in his office, but people started talking (lol) so he took it down. I believe he's from CA because he has the whole surfer accent thing going on. But LOL I guess the French kids who have him as a teacher think he as an Australian accent and stuff. So one of the other US girls mentioned to some of his students about him being American, and they were like "no, he's australian!" Lol...I think the American students would know if he had an American accent.....I think it was the whole CA accent that was throwing off his students. Very funny! But he said his main concern is making sure all the American students are happy and stuff :) So he said to make sure I check in with him every so often, and if I ever have problems with anything, even homework, I can just pop into his office. Very nice guy :) One of my favorite people here because he's so nice and so willing to help us out! He's been living in France for like 27 years, and he said that he's noticed that there are lots of music stereotypes in France. Like music has so many little sub genres and stuff. And he gets labeled as a weird hippie dude because if you are over 25, you are not supposed to listen to rock music. Funny!

Let's see....then I went out last night for a wee bit because we got another free drink at that bar if we went to pick up our student discount ID cards :) My photo is HORRIBLE by the way! You'll all see it someday! It seriously looks like I'm on something.....which it shouldn't, because that photo was taken before I even had my beer last week! This week, my free drink was a "Sex on the Beach". It was pretty tastey, but I prefer the beer. We were all really tired, probably from all the walking we did on Wednesday, and getting up early for that 8am class on Thursday....

Today is Friday. Met up with the lady who met me at the train station. She bought us all lunch!! It was my first time getting one of those "set menu" meals. It was a set price, and I got to pick an appetizer (goat cheese on toasted bread, and salad!! yum!), a main meal (roasted chicken kabob with curry sauce!), and a dessert (mousse au chocolat [chocolate mousse!!]). So good!! Then we all had to go sort out some last minute registration shit because apparently, the school hadn't yet enrolled us into the classes we've been attending. Pain in the butttttt!!!!!

I think I'll get up early tomorrow and go to Le Marche(accent mark!). We'll see ;) I went on Wednesday and just walked around because I didn't need any groceries. It's so cute! I might get some cheese or some yummy bread or pastries tomorrow if I go.

Talk to you all soon! And family, why haven't you been on Skype?! Is Mommy even reading my blogs?! She never called me Thursday and she usually calls me every Thursday, and everytime I tried calling her to tell her my lungs are perfect, her cell phone was off!! Tell her to keep it charged and on. I thought the xray thing was something she should know about because that's my health we're talkin' about!! Oh well. Tell her to be on Skype (on Shannon's computer since she keeps saying the main computer won't load) this weekend. I'll try to be on Saturday and Sunday from 2 your time until later. So whatever day works for her :)

Love you all!



  1. Lovely, newsy, and interesting blog Kelly. It's late (1:17 am to be exact) this moment. ...but I just checked my iPhone here in bed before I close my eyes for the nite and there you are - an icon on my iPhone w/ a new post. So I shall go to sleep now w/ a smile & picture you - La Rochford in La Rochelle! Love you...xo

  2. we actually have been on skype every weekend, at least one day. it's stupid that they haven't even enrolled you guys into the classes, youve eben there for a month now. lucky, that you get to drink =], it sounds like you've had a good time =D and i keep on telling her to put her phone on but she never listens.