Thursday, September 30, 2010

French Book Wishlist Part 1

Here begins what I hope to be a weekly or biweekly feature on my blog, that is: French books that I really want to read and might even pay a lot of money to have them shipped to me in the USA!  I do plan on ordering at least a handful at the end of the year sometime.  Shipping will probably kill my wallet though..  Just a heads up, the little plot summaries I have with each book are not exact translations.  I just skimmed what they are about and put whatever caught my attention into my own words.

1. Les nuits de froides by Olivier Vigna

Okay I'm a bit brain dead this morning so pardon my uninterest in translating this book blurb right now. It's about 2 men, one in New York and one in Paris. I've read on a few French sites that the writing style of this book is really exquisite. It better be, because it's expensive but I still want this book! Basically I'm super excited and hope I can afford to have it shipped to the states. Otherwise the twin sis in France is bringing me home a copy! Do you hear me Heather?!

2. Alzabane l’oiseau de la lune by Jean-Sébastien Blanck
According to a little blurb I read on another blog, this book is about a bird and it's journey through the primitive world. The world is only a ball of gas inhabited by many beautiful birds. Alzabane, the bird, flies to the moon and becomes "the bird of the moon". He encounters other creatures and has quite an adventure. That sums it up I think. I could go to for a longer, more thorough synopsis, but I also don't feel like translating, LOL.

3. En attendant la montée des eaux by Maryse Condé
The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. It looks like a beautiful watercolor painting that's kind of blurry, and there's the grass and the house. I heart covers like this. Plus, there's an Anais, and ever since reading Gouverneurs de la rosee, I've loved that name. At a quick glance, looks like the book takes place in Gaudeloupe and at least one of the characters is actually Haitian and in exile in Gaudeloupe. My kind of book.


  1. We can totally work something out here. Maybe I can buy the books if I can find them, tell u how much they were and you can deposit that amount into my account (minus my last avon order cuz i never paid you -_-). Get back to me.

  2. oh that sounds wonderful! Really though I can find most of the books on my wishlist as paperbacks which are pretty cheap. But that nuits de froides one is like 20 euros. I'd rather buy a bunch a paperbacks plus shipping and get more bang for the buck! But omg if you do find nuits de froides, let me know and i'll put the money in ur account!

  3. yea and u might be able to find them used on amazon. but ill keep a look out and let u kno.

  4. I'm a big fan of Maryse Conde. Her books never disappoint. I haven't read the one on your list. Perhaps it has not been translated yet ;)

  5. the conde seems really good I read a alphabet of the night jean Milche from Haiti ,all the best stu