Monday, November 1, 2010

And so it begins: NanoWriMo

First let me start off by saying "OMG is it really already November?!"  I had a BLAST last night watching Ghost Hunters Live in Buffalo!!  It was awesome, and I'm so excited to see Kris Williams on Ghost Hunters International next season, though I will miss seeing her on the regular Ghost Hunters show.  Saw Adam Berry (the newest team member) in action for the first time last night and I love him!  He's so cute and has a great personality.  Oh, and best of all, my favorite Ghost Hunter was here, in my city, filming live: Barry Fitzgerald!  I just love him.  He is so smart, plus he has that sexy Irish accent ;)  And he's always talking about theories about different paranormal things..  Which I'm into.  Because I'm kind of a ghost nerd.  Not like YA paranormal ghosty stuff.  But like real ghosty stuff (if you believe in that, of course).

Now on to the reason for this post:

November means National Novel Writing Month!  I feel crazy for signing up, seeing as I've been way too busy with school all October.  But hey..maybe November will be different.  I'm going to try really hard to write 50,000 words!  My story is going to be based a little bit on my time in France, and it will take place primarily in the beautiful city I lived in, La Rochelle.  My name at is tomgirl571, so feel free to add me as a writing buddy :)

Have a "Great" Monday (if Mondays even can be great..)!

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