Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Life Gets in the Way

I know, I know.  I haven't been around in ages.  I've been so busy with school stuff that I had literally NO blogging or reading time these last few weeks.  I was miserable.  And writing two very long term papers that included lots of research of things I'm really not interested in.  Unless you count the paper on ghost stories.  That would have been fun if the articles I wanted to use for it had actually existed in the library databases!!  But no..

Now that the bulk of my end of semester work is done, I will be blogging and reading like usual.  I have the rest of this week off for Thanksgiving (thank you!!) and then just two weeks of class, and then one week of exams. 

Even though I haven't gotten any reading done, quite a few new books have come into my possession:
They are all from France, and they shipped soooo much faster than I was expecting!  I'm so happy to have them all :)  I'll post what they are about as I read them!  Isn't the little "birdie" on the Alzabane cover so cute??!

I also got a book called The Anatomy of Ghosts in the mail from the publisher, and it looks amazing.  I cannot wait to start reading it!
The Anatomy of Ghosts

You have no idea how happy I am to be back here.  I felt like I was being taken over by schoolwork, and blogging is what usually keeps me somewhat sane when life gets stressful!  

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there!

Oh just a P.S. to my Halloween giveaway winners-your books will be mailed out this week.  My local bookstore didn't have them in stock and had to order them for me, and I'm going to pick them up from the store today :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm excited to hear about these French books, even though I'll be all French-ed out when I get home (I'm technically already French-ed out, but I'm trying REALLY hard not to admit it to myself). What are the titles/authors (I can't see them in your photo).
    I'm glad school is winding down for you. I have one class left for some classes and 2 for others, as some professors are doing the exams a week early. Which is awesome! I'm looking forward to your reviews!

  2. Have fun reading those books! Yes, you are right about that birdie cover.

    BTW, come and enter my giveaway for the pre-release book, Exit the Actress:)

  3. Heather-2 are by Amelie Nothombs-Les combustibles, and Biographie de la faim. The one with the trees is called La traversee by philippe labro, the one with the girl sitting on it is called reves amers by maryce conde, et the childrens one with the cutely weird bird is called Alzabane: l'oiseau de la lune, by Jean-Sebastien Blanck.

  4. The Anatomy of Ghosts looks really neat -- looking forward to your thoughts on this one.

  5. I'm sorry you've had such dull school work lately! I hope you are able to start on some of those delicious looking books soon.