Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Reads

It's been another crazy week at my house!  I've barely been home because of work, group projects, and tons of French Club fun (and presentation prep!).  I'm SO glad it's the weekend!  Tomorrow (Sunday) French Club is doing a presentation for the Alliance Francaise de Buffalo on the history and culture of Corsica.  Should be fun and interesting, except for the part where they forgot to tell us that we had to present the same day as the St. Patrick's Day parade!!  And there are at least 3 presenters (myself, Twin, and a friend) who are hardcore Irish and need to be there.  Luckily, we are the first presenters and are going to sneak off as soon as we can to that parade and all the green beer we can drink!

I have as usual been reading a ton lately, but mostly for school.  I've managed to sneak in some pleasure reading though, so reviews should be posted this week.  I should be writing an essay right now but I think I'm going to postpone that until later and work on reviews :)

On a really awesome note, I'm a member of a website called Ravelry.  It is awesome, and it is for knitters, crocheters, weavers, dyers, etc.  I participate every year in a St. Patrick's Day swap, and I got my packages from my awesome swapper!  She was absolutely amazing.  Remember that review I posted a few weeks ago of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice?  I mentioned how I would really love to read it in German, Mann's native language.  My swapper just happened to be from Germany, and look what she sent me!!!!

It's Der Tod in Venedig, the German version!!!!!  Best swap partner ever!  I was seriously comletely shocked and excited when I opened my package and saw this :)  I can't wait to start reading it.  I think I'll save it for summer.  It will be awesome practice and it will totally help me build my German vocabulary and grammar :)  Can you tell I'm really excited?!  Love the cover, too!

Hope you all had a great week and weekend!  Reading anything good yourselves?  Do you have anything exciting going on this coming week?  My night class this Wednesday was cancelled, so I get to go home at 4:15 instead of 8:10!  Yay!

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