Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

So I graduated from college on Saturday!!  Yay!  It was kind of embarrassing walking across the stage because there was this huge screen that showed each student as they walked.  But I did fine.  My friend from French was worried the whole time that her cap was going to fall off as she walked across the stage, and then, it did.  And I had to try really hard not to die of laughter as I  walked across the stage.  I would LOVE to know why they even bother to have us put the phonetical spelling of our names for pronunciation purposes if the guy announcing our names doesn't even bother to read them anyway and mispronounces both mine and Twin's last name.  Seriously??  And he was Twin's minor advisor, so he totally knows how to pronounce it.  Oh well.....

It was a rainy day, but it stopped raining just long enough for my mom to take some photos on Buff State's campus.  The first one is of me and Boyfriend (but shhhhhhh!  He might not like that I'm posting a photo of him.  What he doesn't know can't hurt him.  Isn't he adorable?!)

The second one is of me and Twin :)  We don't look very much alike in it because I'm wearing glasses and her heels were way higher than mine.  We were kinda making funny faces because we wanted to hurry up and take the photos because people were trying to walk past us but had to wait until my mom took the photos.
So now I'm a graduate with way too much time on my hands.  I desperately need a big girl job with more than 4 hours a week.  Because that's all I'm working this week and it sucks.

More reviews coming this week!


  1. Congrats! Graduation is so exciting and so scary. Good luck in whatever you do!

  2. Congrats on graduating!

  3. Congratulations and Good luck to you. Thanks for sharing those cute pictures.

  4. well done Kelly ,all the best stu

  5. Thank you all for the graduation wishes :)