Friday, July 1, 2011

These are a few of my favorite French things....

Can't you just hear that song from the Sound of Music playing right now??  To kick off Paris in July, I'm posting a list of some of my favorite French things!  A lot of these photos are actually ones that Twin took when she went to France, because I wasn't smart enough to take photos of a lot of things, like food.

French wine that is sold in the grocery store and is super cheap and super awesome:

Fresh baguette and affordable French cheese:

Cafe Creme:

Bakeries and Pastry Shops:

Things that totally remind me of Emile Zola and the class I took on him:

French money (Euros):

Medieval Architecture:

Some things I don't have photos of:
-Pain au chocolat
-Sitting outside all the time at cafes
-The market
-The language
-The people
-The culture

And the best for last (which my sis and her BF found on a road in southern France......), really awesome tourbus company names:

Welcome to Kelly's France Blog's month-long celebration of Paris in July!!


  1. These photos are perfect for setting the mood. Now I want a baguette...and a glass of wine... :)

  2. That tour bus name is hilarious. And definitely agree on the cheese. Wish I had some and bread for breakfast

  3. Oh a love a bit of fresh crusty baguette and soft French cheese. It always tastes better on the other side of the channel too.

    I don't think they let those buses out of the country!

  4. Lovely photographs - ah a cafe creme....

  5. Loving your French favourite things!