Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Computer Woes

I hate viruses.  The computer kind, I mean.  One minute, you're vegging out in front of your laptop browsing some translation blogs, next thing you know, a big red box pops up on your screen telling you that you have a bad virus and that you better click it to get rid of the culprit.  But you've had this sucker before so you know that clicking on the red box is a bad idea.  You think, "well, maybe it'll go away since I didn't click this time....".  But then you realize that there's a new program called "Security Protection" on your desktop and you get pissed.  Super duper pissed.  They've done it again.  And this time you didn't even click.  And this time you can't even get the internet to stay open for a minute before it closes.  This virus is smart.  It knows that you have the key to its defeat.  The catch is that you have to get to the ultimate geek message board (techspot.com) to download the custom-made killer of this virus.  So now you're stuck.  What do you do?  What any normal semi-computer-literate gal would do.  You disconnect your internet connection in the hopes that the virus won't spread.  And then you shut down your computer for a few hours or days, until you've regained some composure and are ready to fight back with all you've got.  Even if that means calling Dell support and paying $80 for them to remove the virus remotely.  Hey, whatever works.

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