Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shopping Indie: My Local Bookstores

Independent bookstores are an integral part of the bookish community, yet I find that (at least in my city) many people don't realize what indie bookstores are out there.  I live in Buffalo, NY, and the city, suburbs, and surrounding region has so many local bookshops selling used and new books to offer the people in my community.  I've decided to showcase a different indie bookstore in my area every 2 weeks or so (depending on how busy my life decides to get) for a while until I've exhausted the pretty long list.  I'll give a brief description of each store, say what each has to offer, and will personally visit each one to give you an idea of the atmosphere (and buy myself a book or two or three....).  I may sometimes even interview owners or employees as well!  I hope that this feature will encourage those who live in the area or who visit the area to stop in, buy a book or two at one of these stores, and support the local indie community!  And if you don't live in Buffalo, I'd love to see what local book shops your city has to offer!

Look for my first "Shopping Indie" bookstore post coming soon!

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