Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Finally Have Internet!

Hello World!

You may have noticed the lack of posts lately, but that won't last much longer! Boyfriend and I are finally in the new apartment! We have nowhere to sit right now except the bed because I still have to get my grandma's old couch and armchairs out of the basement and buy a kitchen table and chairs, but besides that everything is great. We get internet sometime this week, so if you see this post right now, it's because we're finally connected! I've been doing a lot of reading and have quite a few reviews to post, including some French List posts, so be on the look out for those now that I'll have more time to write. At the moment, I'm lost in the world of Victor Hugo's Les Mis. And it's actually my only option because I haven't moved any of my books yet except for that one… but I'm not complaining! I actually signed up at the beginning of the year for a yearlong readalong of the book, but fell behind. I finally picked it up again and adore it!! So be on the lookout for reviews of each section as I finish them.

I hope you are all doing well! I haven't felt very connected to the book blog world these past few weeks because I've barely even had the chance to read or comment on any other blogs. But that's about to change :)


  1. Congratulations on the new apartment. Setting up a new place can be such fun, but a challenge too.
    I know, from the Paris in July meme, that you love everything about France like I do, so I wanted to tell you about my book The Summer of France which is now available Here on Kindle or
    Here on Nook or
    Here in Paperback

    1. I Paulita, yes moving in is so much work! It'll be nice to have the furniture in so I can focus on decorating.

      Thanks for the link to your book! It looks very interesting. I might just have to get it for my Nook. Seems like a good book for rainy fall days because I can pretend I'm in France ;)