Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

As everyone can see, Blogger is still not letting me upload any photos that aren't from my phone.  So I decided to take advantage of that and pose the book with Peabody :)

This was such a popular book in the blogging world when it was released that I'm assuming most people know the premise.  Dr. Marina Singh goes to the Amazon at the request of her boss and lover to try to find out what's going on with Dr. Annick Swenson, who is developing a drug deep within the rainforest at an undisclosed location.  The previous doctor who was sent to Swenson has died, and Marina decides to go partly to bring some peace to the man's wife.

I really liked this book, but I thought I'd like it a bit more based on all the love from the bookish community.  The characters and even the story line didn't really grab my attention a ton.  What I really loved about the book though was Patchett's writing, and the beautiful descriptions of the rainforest.  I liked the story well enough, but it was the writing that hooked me and made me keep reading.  And once I finished it, I wanted the book to keep going.

I've always wanted to visit the rainforest, but of course I'm one of those girls who is terrified of bugs and needles.  A trip to the Amazon requires both.  There are lots of big bugs (some of which are described in the book) and there are also a lot of shots that need to be taken in order to get to the Amazon.  This book was such a great escape into a place I really want to someday be brave enough to visit.

Have you read State of Wonder?  What did you think?

Title: State of Wonder
Author: Ann Patchett
Date of Publication: 2011
Number of Pages: 353
Genre: Fiction
Source: Personal Copy

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  1. I'm the same - I'd love to visit the rainforest one day, but the thought of all the bugs really does put me off!
    I'm looking forward to reading this book, but I'l try not to have unrealistic expectations because of all the hype around it.