Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adding to my French Book Wishlist

Last month I posted about 2 French books I was looking forward to eventually reading.  This month I continue with that theme.  I stumbled upon this awesome looking book about a serial killer.  So of course I need to read it.

Fleur de tonnerre by Jean Teulé, translated into English as The Poisoning Angel.  The translation comes out on July 14th (happy Bastille Day!)

I can't find a copy of the cover for the English version!  But that's what the French one looks like..  Here's the description from
Schooled in the ancient beliefs of the Breton people by her mother, the beautiful Hélène grows up feeling detached from the nineteenth-century world around her and yet destined for a terrible vocation: to do the work of l’Ankou, death’s henchman. Beginning with the demise of her very own mama, she leaves a trail of devastation with the special soups and cakes she makes – those who taste them never recover. Jean Teulé brings his unique blend of imagination and historical insight to a novel that is both an upbeat portrait of nineteenth-century provincial French life and a startling chronicle of a decades-long killing spree carried out by the most notorious female poisoner in history.

Look's pretty good, right??

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