Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: The Outcasts by Kathleen Kent

Here's the description from Goodreads:
It's the 19th century on the Gulf Coast, a time of opportunity and lawlessness. After escaping the Texas brothel where she'd been a virtual prisoner, Lucinda Carter heads for Middle Bayou to meet her lover, who has a plan to make them both rich, chasing rumors of a pirate's buried treasure.

Meanwhile Nate Cannon, a young Texas policeman with a pure heart and a strong sense of justice, is on the hunt for a ruthless killer named McGill who has claimed the lives of men, women, and even children across the frontier. Who--if anyone--will survive when their paths finally cross?

As Lucinda and Nate's stories converge, guns are drawn, debts are paid, and Kathleen Kent delivers an unforgettable portrait of a woman who will stop at nothing to make a new life for herself.

I absolutely loved this book.  It reads like a western movie, which happens to be one of my favorite types of movies (Cowboys and Aliens of course is my fave!  Followed closely by The Searchers....).   I think I won this one from a Bloggers Recommend giveaway??  I put off reading it for a while, mostly because I completely forgot about it. 

Once I picked it up, it was love.  Lucinda comes off as a likable young woman who just wants to get away from the brothel and the life she's currently stuck in.  But as the story goes on, you realize there might be more to Lucinda than you previously thought. 

Nate was a great underdog character.  He's new to the police force, and the two veteran officers he's working with don't really trust him in the beginning.  Nate was so frustrated with the situation,  but also determined to get the job done.  It eventually becomes very personal for him, and the story gets pretty heated.

I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes a good western themed book (or movie!).  Like I said, this one had enough action that I think even if you're not a huge reader but like western movies you'd probably like it.  I can't wait to read more by Kathleen Kent.

Have you read The Outcasts or anything else by Kathleen Kent?  Or want to just talk about the genius of Cowboys and Aliens?  Comment below or find me on Twitter!

Title: The Outcasts
Author: Kathleen Kent
Date of Publication: 2013
Number of Pages: 336
Genre: Fiction
Source: Personal copy

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