Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Buffalo Reading Invasion. Or, I'm a horrible book blogger

My coworker brought this link to my attention at work the other day:


What is this??  And how did I not find out about it until way after it started?  I am a horrible book blogger.  I'm supposed to be up to date on local bookish things.

Anyway, what exactly is this Buffalo Reading Invasion, you might ask?  Basically whoever organizes this amazing event posts a date, location, and time on the blog, and then the reading public congregates there with books, lawn chairs, or blankets, and reads for an hour.

How awesome is that?  The next one is Monday June 9th at 7PM.  Location TBD.  Unless something unexpected comes up, I will be there.  No more slacking in my book blogging duties.

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  1. Thanks for the comments, Kelly. The first Invasion of the year is going to be in Bidwell Park. More details to come!