Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some Big News!!

So I have some big news for you guys.  Or big news for me, at least.

I've been toying with the idea of moving to Wordpress for a while now.  I tested it out while working on a blog with my sisters, and loved it.  So my blog is finally making the move!

I've already transferred all of my posts (though some didn't transfer over too awesome!).

The biggest change y'all will notice is the name!!  It is no longer "Kelly's France Blog."

The idea to change my blog name actually came to me months and months ago, and I've been slowing thinking about it.  I love my blog, I really, really do.  But I don't post constantly about France like I used to.  I don't even read as many French books like I used to!

So I decided with the new blog needed to come a new name.  A name that would reflect me more as a person.  No worries though, the blog will have the same content!  I just think it's more "me" now. 

This blog from the beginning has really just been a place for me to write about the books I've read, what I'm excited for, what I'm up to.  And I think the new blog name is perfect.

So stop on over to "A Book and a Beer"!! 

Since I started drinking (legally) a few years ago, craft beer has really been my thing.  I drink it often when I'm reading.  And if I'm not reading, it's a good bet I'm off doing something beer related!  So, I hope you like it!

Please just keep in mind that I haven't transferred all of my blog pages over yet :)  That is coming probably later in the week!

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