Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And second day of classes....

I only had one CUFLE class today :) It was annoying. I'm just not used to regular French classes like that anymore!! All my classes at Buff. State are litterature and stuff like that.....For Monday, I need to write 20 lines describing someone I know, LOL.

This morning I went to a book store and bought two of the books I need to read for my lit. class. They didn't have the other two I need. So I'll go back next week but if they are still not there, I can get them for super cheap from Amazon France.

I also bought a 35 euro French cell phone, lol. Because everyone I hang out with got them, and I didn't have a way to keep in touch with them! It's the kind where you buy your minutes as you go. So I probably won't even need to reload the minutes because it already came with some on it. Maybe Heather can use it when she goes away next year :)

I have my writing class tomorrow :( I'm really nervous! I don't know anyone else taking it! I'm just really worried that the teacher is going to make us write something that I don't understand the first day of class! I'm hoping not. I hope she just talks about the writing techniques and what we'll be doing all semester or something. And maybe I'll introduce myself to her as soon as I walk into class, just so she knows I'm a foreign student ;)

Alex Band played a brand new song last night in LA!!!!!!!! It is beautiful and acoustic and sooooo pretty!! I'm sure it's about when he and his wife split up :( SUCH a good song, but really sad too! The link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TJWY_3DQzw I seriously cannot wait for the album!!!!!!!!! And I'm just soooo happy and excited to hear the clip of this song because he just added it to the album track listing :) And it's so great!!!!!!!!! Me wanntttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing else going on. I bought some French cheese. It tastes AMAZING!! Smells kinda funky, but I was told by the French kid who was showing us around that you can't judge French cheese by the smell. So true! This stuff is sooooooooo good! I bought Wasa crackers (which I LOVE eating at home), and the cheese goes so great with the whole grains in the crackers! I heart it all!



  1. KK, that song rocks!! You could feel all his emotion in his voice, the poor thing!!

    I don't know if I can eat the french cheese, now that you tell me its kinda smelly. But I'll have to try it for you.

    French cell phone, wtf?! At least you can talk to the other girlies with it. Will you use that one or your international phone for calling home?! I'm guessing you'll still use the phone you brought from home, that would just be easier.

    I still have to send you a postcard!! Never fear, it shall be sent!!


  2. yeah i can't wait to hear the full-band version :)

    lol the cheese isn't that stinky!

    the french phone only works in france i think, so of course i need the other one to call home :)