Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Didn't have class until 5:30 today. So I read Chateaubriand. I finished Atala-which, Heather, you HAVE to read!!!!! It's not nearly as ridiculously stupid and dramatic as Rene. I actually like Atala and there are only a few parts where I was like "right.....stupid....."

I went into the city to buy some notebooks, because I only brought one with me. And let me tell ya...i still cannot get used to writing on graph paper! I always thought it looked messy.....and it sucks because that's like all they have here, so all my notes look messy :(

My class today was "Techniques d'expression ecrite". Basically, writing techniques. I almost died when class started. There was only one other exchange student in the class, and I didn't even sit near her! The first exercise the teacher wanted us to do was ridiculous..... Basically, she gave us these excerpts from books that were written in the "Stendhal" style (written more like the spoken word, and not accurate grammar all the time...meshing words together..) Now, I knew what the teacher wanted us to do. I've read Stendhal so I know what his style is (i'm guessing the writing method gets its name from him, because the teacher said his name and said "Le Rouge et le noir" a few times..) And i could pretty easily just correct the bad grammar.....but she wanted us to actually rewrite the sentences in a more sophistacated way!! I'd be fine doing that in my room.....but I can't do a whole paragraph in 10 minutes! sheeeshhhh! That's hard stuff to do! But the teacher found out I was foreign, and then she just told the other girl and me that as long as we understood the paragraphs and understood what the other students were doing, we didn't have to do it :) I do have the worksheet though, so I'm going to be practicing that this weekend.
The rest of the class was pretty easy-just basic grammar things that French people commonly mess up. And some things where we had to match the word with the definition. I needed to pull out my French-English dictionary for that because the words were fancy and I had no idea what they meant! But once I looked them all up, that exercise was very easy :)
That class should get's the first day that always gets me the most!

Just listening to The Calling now. I just ate dinner. I'm gonna skim through "Rene" for a little bit before bed. Already read it last year, so I don't need to totally take it apart, lol. My "small group" class for my lit. class tomorrow at 8 am!! Not cool. But then I just have my Art History class at 1:30 and then no more classes until Monday!! Yay!!



  1. muahahahahaaaaaa

    Craziness about your writing class thingy; you totally predicted what would happen in your last bloggy lol. At least your prof is being nice about it though, eh?!

    I don't wanna write on graph paper when I's hard enough to study now, but to study notes written on graph paper?! Hellz no.

    Your schedule is fucking ridiculous. No one understands it when I try explaining it to them. Lol, I told the girls in class that you are reading a lot of what we did with Merini and they are like, wtf, she's mad lucky!! And they can't wait to hear your french accent when you get back (Victoire, Amanda, et Brittany). I wish I had no class til Monday. It kinda sucks how you have classes really early and then some made late, but at least you have a nice lil apartment you can go to and actually LIVE in between classes lol.

    I will hopefully email you the notes tonight, otherwise tomorrow!!

    I luvs ya soo much my girlie, and mochs says hiya *oof oof*

    me and mochs

  2. Thank you soooo much for those notes!!!!! They will be used a lot :)

    LOL my french accent......still working on that! I'm sure my speaking will be way better in a few months but right now it still isn't so good, lol. However.....I AM starting to think in French! Which sucks when I have a thought in my head and them I don't know a word i'm supposed to be thinking....and then I totally lose my train of thought bc i have to look up the word! oh mon dieu..

    I'm glad the poochka says hi! she better be getting rides still!

  3. LOL a translation of Rene!!?? Amazing!!!!!