Friday, September 11, 2009


Life's been pretty good here :) Sorry I haven't posted a blog in a while, but I would have just been saying the same old stuff, lol. Um aren't up yet because they never want to upload!! I might be able to email them to Heather though, and then she can put them on the net for me. We'll see :)

I think my zip code is 17026, so why doesn't one of you try sending me a postcard? and then I'll see if I get it??

Last night there was a get-together for all the foreign students. I met a lot of people from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. And I met this really sweet old French lady. I guess the school like invites retired people to the get-together who want to help us with our French, and then if you find someone you like, you meet with them once a week for an hour or so and just talk French and exchange cultural info. So I'm meeting with Francoise on Saturday at 3 with one of the other NY girls :) Cool!

Then we went out on the town. There were quite a few of us, and some of the girls went to a bar to drink, but it was my first night in the city and I didn't want to drink and get disoriented and have to walk back to my room drunk, LOL! So I hung out with a NYer and a girl from New Zealand. We just sat in the harbor and chit-chatted. It was fun :)

I found out that I need to open up a local bank account.....not happy about that! Especially since we were told that it was optional! But whatever...I have a shitload of traveller's cheques that I wanted to cash anyway, so maybe I can cash them all and put them in an account and then I'll have a debit card so I won't be carrying around mass-sums of cash all the time.

The whole thing with classes here is really weird! I met with someone the other day to pick classes, and I still have all the ones that my advisor wanted me to take, but then the woman also gave me like 2 or 3 other classes to sit in on. Because you don't actually register for classes for a few weeks......we just go and sit in on the classes and if we like them, we register. Weird!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess people will be dropping and adding classes until October...

Oh, and they call schedules "timetables". Gotta get used to that!!

Have I mentioned that it's been in the high 80s here all week?! I don't like that!! Today it's only gonna be in the 70s though, and then the 60s next week. Yay :) Finally my kind of weather!

Miss you all! But I'm having fun!


PS-I found the yarn store :) Took me two tries. The first time I went searching, I actually passed it. Because the store sells clothing and yarn, and they have clothing in the window and in the front of the store. And then yarn in the back. LOL-way to be confusing! But yeah, I bought the most beautiful plum colored chunky yarn :) It is SOOOO soft!! I'm making myself a wrap. It looks awesome so far!

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  1. So Mocha says hi, she kept my feet warm last night. Everytime I say your name her ears perk up, but she's her happy little self. She did have a tummy ache yesterday, but appears to be 100% recovered aujourd'hui.

    I'm stealing your wrap when you get home. I have to throw some more cash in the bank so I can buy my plane ticket. IM GONNA BE BROKE!! lol. Really, though, I went to a student discount webby and they had tix for like 850 $ so i'm def going through them, cuz the next cheapest is 1000 $!!

    It's been mad warm here, too! It was sposed to rain all week -- the closest it's come were a few drops this morning. But at least today was nice and cool, around 70. My kind of weather, aussi, ma chere.