Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photos Tomorrow! I promise!

I just tried uploading photos, but it seems my internet connection is always at its slowest in the evening, and it was taking FOREVER to upload anything. So I will try again tomorrow afternoon :)

I spent the weekend exploring La Rochelle with my fellow American students :) It was fun! The city is so pretty!! I know I keep saying that but it's SO true! All the buildings are stone and it's just soooo cute!!

The weather here is really hard to predict. I check the forcast every morning before I get dressed so I know what to wear, but it is usually cold and windy in the morning and then warmer in the afternoon......the other day it was SO windy!! But I guess I should expect it since I'm on the ocean ;) The cheese here is wonderful. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow or Tuesday and I am definitely getting some cheese!

Not too much else to say except it was HOT today! I didn't bring sun screen to France because I wasn't expecting this! And I got sunburned :( But hopefully it will fade and not be too noticeable soon.

Photos coming soon! I promise!

All the love,


  1. Sunburned?! Thats ur least favorite thing, poor kk!! Im expected those pictures....

  2. aww poor kk, let me know your address as soon as you can and i'll send you a care package of popcorn and sunscreen. i cant wait for the pictures :)


  3. kk!! i finally figured out how to do this bloggy thing. so did figure out your actual zip code? im sorry that you're sunburned, but hey you're in a foreign country loser. =p im just kiddinggggg. those pictures, eh?