Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Have Arrived!!

I'm here!! This was my second day.....yesterday I was SO unbelievably tired from not sleeping for a day, lol! But I made it :) I also had no internet until this morning when I registered for classes because we can't access the wifi until we have our student id and password, which we then use to log onto the internet. But I got some rest last night (not a whole lot, because I have a pigeon nesting right above my window, but still..) My room is HUGE! I have an actual apartment, kitchen and all! So if anyone wants to visit....I have enough floor space to house at least 6 people, maybe more ;) It is AWESOME!!!!! My friend Alex is dorming here too, but she's in an actual dorm room, and it is TINY!! So I'm glad I am spending like 30 euros more per month for this ;) It rocks!

I went grocery shopping last night and that was very interesting! Everything at the store was way cheaper than in our stores (even if you change the prices to dollars!), so I had a whole cart of things and it only cost me about 25 euros! woohoo! I went back to the store today for some stuff I forgot about, like garbage bags, plastic wrap, dish soap, and sponges. I have this amazing window in my room, it goes from my floor to almost my cieling! And the top half of it opens up, no screen or anything and I have wonderful fresh air coming in all the time! And no bugs, either! I've been kind of nervous of those pigeons flying in....I think they've been in before because there is a feather on my awesome wrap-around-the-wall desk..

I have photos of my room but I won't post them until this weekend.

I went into the old city today! I thought it was wayyyy further away, but it's actually only like a 10 minute walk. The old towers are fab!! They were built in like 1400 and 1500 and you can get tours to go up them, so I'm going to do that. This was the beautiful site I got to see today:,1,1,69.php (I hope it works!-it's the first photo on the page, you can click on the highlighted words for more into/photos)

The city is beautiful!! I will definitely be spending a lot of time there! And I think everyone should visit here some day ;) There are SO many little outdoor cafes and restaurants! I ordered my first meal in French today, at a little bread shop that sold awesome bagette sandwiches. I got ham and swiss cheese, and they also put some butter on it. very simple but very yummy :) And a good price-about $6.00 US for a huge bagette sandwich. That's about the same as a sandwish back home. I found the HSBC bank so that is good. I know where to withdraw my money ;)

I am supposed to be studying right now for my placement exam, which is in the morning.

A Bientot!


  1. KELLY!! I want pictures now, you jerk! Placement exam? Who cares, I want my pictures.

    I'm glad you are having fun. And of course I will def be visiting!!

  2. Hello from Pennsylvania Kelly! I am so happy to read your blog. I'll read it over the phone to my mom. She'll be so happy like I am to hear all your news! Wow! A WHOLE apt! That is SO awesome! What a wonderful surprise! You certainly deserve it! Now you can have friends over too! You will be like the homeroom mom - LOL! Everyone will want to hang out at Kelly's! Start a potluck get together! Have the first party!

    I can even taste in my head your yummy baguette, jambon, fromage, et buerre sandwich! And don't forget - eat as much brioche as possible for me!

    Good luck w/ the placement exams. Looking forward to you blogs & pics.

    Big hugs!
    Your cousin Marsha xox

  3. Kelly, it's so exciting that you're in France!! You MUST put up pictures this weekend, I can't wait to see them!!
    good luck on your placement exam and i love you tons!!

  4. Kelly! i'm so glad your having fun and I cant wait to see pictures.

    If i had a way to get over there I would so visit and crash no your floor for a month or two ;) my classes arent going to be much fun this semester.

    I can't wait to skype with you and liccia. it'll be fun. Love you tons! and cant wait to see the pictures!