Friday, September 4, 2009

Having Lots of Fun!

I had lots of fun today. I love this city! It is fabulous! I had my placement exam today and it was soooo easy! I thought it would be way harder. But this was honestly like high school stuff. Hung around the city for a while and got my first real cup of coffee since leaving home. I've been drinking instant coffee....It was SO windy this morning. Heather-we really should never ever ever ever EVER complain about the wind at Buff State EVER again!! It's way windier here, because of the ocean. You'd be so pissed because your hair would be soooo messed up! I've started noticing that it's really chilly here in the morning (because of the ocean, perhaps?) and you need a jacket and everything! But once it gets to be about 1 or 2 oclock, it is really nice and warm!

I promise I'll still get photos up this weekend. I'm gonna try to take more tomorrow and then upload them either tomorrow night or Sunday.

Oh yeah...and I thought classes start on the 7th....but that's only if you're taking JUST french for foreigners classes, so I don't start until the 14th!! Okay...I guess I have another week of exploring to do?! I will write more tomorrow.


PS-5 years ago today I saw THE CALLING!! in Cleveland!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I DID celebrate by listening to TC!


  1. Bonjour ma Cherie! Kelly, you are the luckiest girl! All the great news you are sharing w/ us readers. And a whole week of vacation before classes start, too. Woohoo! So you are even near the ocean too?! Wow! What could be better? Coffee &! Carpe Diem tout las jours! Sending you all my love...xo