Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not Much Happenin'...

Yeah so not too much going on right now. It's the weekend. Tomorrow is Sunday which means NOTHING will be open! Except of course some of the restaurants right on the old port. So I guess tomorrow will be spent doing homework..not a whole lot of homework to do though, soo....

Yesterday I hung out with another American student. We got lunch at the student restaurant and then we walked by the water :) It was so pretty! We met up again later for dinner. We went to this bakery right passed La Grosse Horloge like...right before it closed. And I got the most amazing panini I have EVER tasted! I'm so going back pronto! It was on baguette bread, yum! And it was all cheese!! I think it was gorgonzola, goat cheese, and camembert?? And it was all melty and warm! And just sooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I'm a HUGE cheese person. If you don't like cheese you would probably hate the sandwich, lol.

Then we got ice cream and the "best ice cream place in La Rochelle" according to the kid we had as a guide our first 2 weeks here. Definitely amazing! I got the white chocolate flavor. So yummy!

Today I went to the older French lady's apartment again for our weekly get-together :) It was really nice. We stayed and talked to her for like 3 and a half hours! She is so sweet and gave us tea and cookies :) And I could understand her way better this week, and I was able to talk to her more :) She said we'll probably have improved quite a bit in like a month or so :) So that's cool!

Didn't get home until almost 7, then I made pasta. And then I talked to Jacob on the phone :) So nice! And then I talked to Gramma on the phone! I really miss talking to her :( I'm so used to chit-chatting with her for hours! She said Auntie Stella fell and hurt herself :( I hope she is feeling better now. Sending love to you, Auntie Stella!!

Did some homework tonight. Read some of Les Natchez by Chateaubriand. Let me tell's really weird! The Devil and his daughter are in this one, LOL! They fly through the air and go visit the Natchez indians to influence them and protect them from the white people-because the Native Americans are one of the few people who still "worship Satan". LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty much dying of laughter reading it! Heather-it is so different and weird than Rene! Which is saying a lot because Rene was effing ridiculous!

Hugs and Kisses to you all!
Lol-I really can't get used to the whole kiss on the cheek thing here. Someone did it to me for the first time last week and it felt so uncomfortable!! Weird...



  1. Bonjour Kelly,I am up to date on all your interesting blogs.We followers are grateful for the time you spend to share your days & experiences with us.Autumn is a season I have never been in France!I'm sure the leaves change colors there too. You have seen the best of it I'm sure during your family vacations to New England.Glad you have some nice friends to romp around with ;)& found some coffee creamer.My mom's having a tough week w/ her back, but I'm sure she'll get cheered up when I fax your new blogs to her. That was really sweet that you mentioned her.Sweet dreams honey. Love you lots - marsha xox

  2. sounds like a lot of fun kk, im not sure i could get used to all those french peoples either!!!
    have some french coffee for me =D
    by the way, i am on skype and you're not ]=
    <3 you!

  3. lol shannon! when you were on skype it was like 12:30 am here!! i was sleeping!

  4. We totally spent an entire class on la bise (the kissies on the cheek thinger) in 496. I'm sorry, but I haven't got the slightest clue what that class is about. Yesterday we did 'interviews' with another girl in class n one of us had to be the candidate for the university president and the other had to interview

    I want some baguette cheese panninis!! (spell check..?!)

  5. LOL heather you poor thing! that is so weird! I wonder if white even really had a clue what he was going to teach before the semester maybe he had to make a lesson plan really quickly or somthing and this is what he came up with! weird. and lol the kiss on the cheek thing is so awkward.