Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I have no classes until Monday at 10:30 in the morning :) And I'm drinking some instant coffee. I found some creamer. I think it's actually powdered milk, lol, but it works and it hasn't given me any stomach pains yet.

I'm wondering if I'll get used to hearing French people outside my window ever?! Like feels so normal here, so then when I hear a foreign language that I sort of understand, it's like "wait! I'm in France!" Very weird feeling.....but also very good, because I'm happy to be here :)

It's really cool when I post on Alex Band's French Streetteam message board, and people actually understand what I'm saying and tell me that my French is really good :) LOL- though, they've never heard me speak! But that's why I'm improve my spoken French!

I had my TD for French Lit. today. (as in, the smaller group class that goes along with my French Lit. lecture hall class....confusing, I know..) At first I was kind of panicking, because the teacher gave us these packets with really precise details on how to write textual analyses of novels....but like it's weird and not like we do them at home. We are supposed to just 2 pages and then analyse EVERYTHING!!!!! Like what tense is being used and all the symbolism, and allusions and stuff I've never even heard of!! Like....I'm used to analysing French novels, but not so precisely, and not in such a rigid format!!
But then the teacher (who is very sweet), said that the foreign kids don't have to get so indepth. We just have to do a regular analyse of the text-you know like the litterary techniques used and the symbolism and stuff. And then we don't have to write a big paper for our final. We do an oral test in a group (like me, another girl, and the teacher), and we just basically speak about the different symbologies of nature in the different works and stuff like that. So not really that long as I have a big enough vocabulary to express everything, lol!

Yeah, that class was at 8 am! Not cool.....but I really shouldn't complain. It was only like a 5 minute commute in the rain (vs. the 20 minute drive to Buff State in the rain and the 10 minute walk to class in the rain, lol). But I was so tired. And I spilled my juice this morning before leaving.....on one of my dolly's sweaters! So I was half asleep, frantically trying to destain and wash the little sweater before class! (if you can picture someone so sleepy being frantic, it's quite funny..)

That was a 2 hour class (2 hours too long, lol! no really, I'm used to like 1 or 1 1/4 hour classes..). Then I went home and crashed out for a while. Then at 1:30 I had my CUFLE "Option" class. I picked Art History so yeah. It looks like it will be really interesting! We learned about "Rococo" and next week we're doing "Neoclassicisme". Looks like it'll be a good class because we're learning a bit about history and a bit about the art movements, most of which are very similar to the literary movements of the times... So a very good class for me :) And interesting :) And I was about to say something about how at least this teacher doesn't have a strong German accent and only teach about architecture.....but then I remembered that she spoke ONLY French. LOL. But seriously-this class seems way better than the Art History class I took at Buff. State last semester. I'm not big into architecture. I mean-I love pretty buildings and I love learning about their history, but I really do NOT CARE AT ALL about how the buildings were built or any of their structural things and yeah..

Tomorrow I am probably going to go to this cute little cafe pres de "La Place de Verdure" pour un cafe et something sweet :) Last time I was there, I had a "cafe creme". So good-and nice and strong, just the way I like my coffee! And they had some amazing looking sweets, which I did not get at the time because I had just eaten lunch.....but I think I'll go tomorrow and get something yummy there...and I'll bring the Rimbaud anthology I just bought the other day, and I'll read for a while :) Then I'll stop at the bread shop right after "La Grosse Horlage" and get a baguette sandwich to go. They are HUGE so I'll eat half for lunch and save the rest for dinner :) Parfait!

LOL-For the longest time, I haven't been able to remember the first stanza of "L'Automne" by Lamartine. It's the poem I had to memorize to recite at the French Honors Society thing last semester. So I decided to look up the poem on the web and write it down and rememorize it. As soon as I wrote it down I remembered it perfectly. And now I have it memorized even better than before :) I've been reciting it all day because it's so pretty! And it's almost Autumne here so the poem fits :) Maybe I'll pick a Rimbaud poem to memorize next :)

Sweet dreams, my pretties!


  1. "We are supposed to just 2 pages and then analyse EVERYTHING!!!!! Like what tense is being used and all the symbolism, and allusions and stuff I've never even heard of!! Like....I'm used to analysing French novels, but not so "

    that is precisely what we're doing in ap english, only not with french. it's more than just simlie and crap it's terms i really dont know lol

  2. Is ur dolly's sweater ok?! I'm quite worried about it!!

    I am so done with 8 o'clock classes. They are sooo gay. Oh mon dieu.