Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a Little Update!

Yes I know :) You're all proud of me for getting back into the world of blogging <3

First of all, Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!! I bet AMC is playing the movies...... It's been a lucky Friday the 13th for me. (always is, 13 is my lucky number, and there are always stupid "horror" movies on!) Went to my Translation class this morning for 9. The woman from the information desk for the FLASH building then came and put a note on the door. She was like, "Are you in this class?" And I was like, "oui". And she said class was cancelled because the teacher was stuck at the Gare Surgeres (the Surgeres train station, it's the next "major" town over). I'm guessing my teacher lives in Surgeres and takes the train everyday. And the train must have been late. So wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! It did of course suck that I had to get up and GO to the class just to find that it was cancelled. But still. I cannot complain!

I've been doing a ton of reading. I think I forgot to mention this in my last blog: Since there was no class Wednesday and it was cold and rainy out, I stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY!!!!!!!!! Wooo! I have not done that in forever! Even when I'm sick, I like to put jeans on because then I start feeling better (might be mental..). And all I did all day was read and check out book blogs. That's my new thing. I'm sick of searching for books to read at Amazon and Barnes and Noble's websites because the only books that come up are the most popular new ones. And just because they are popular doesn't necessarily mean that they are good! So I've discovered some great book blogs, with great reviews of books I haven't even heard of! And some books I'd heard of but had never thought of reading, but now I want to becaues the bloggers' reviews just totally won me over. Of course, because of this new obsession of mine, mine book wishlist at quadrupled! I started using librarything in the summer to keep track of the books I've read and my thoughts on the books, in case I ever want to reread a book (I can see what I liked or didn't like about it and decide if it's really worth the time). But now it's turned into my "books I really want to read when I get home" page.'s pretty sad. I think I have more books in my wishlist now than in my "read" pile. *blushes*

But I've gone totally off topic! I've been reading a lot. Yesterday I set a goal so I could start getting through my books for school. I wanted to read 2 chapters of the Andre Gide book, 1 chapter of a medieval french lit. textbook, another chapter from another medieval french textbook, and start another medieval french lit. textbook! Plus, I wanted to get some pleasure reading in. I set a goal. I decided to NOT procrastinate. And I had all my reading done before 10:00 pm!!!!!!!! Wooooo! And that included computer time :) I'm so great! I'll be setting reading goals for myself everyday now so I get all my reading done by the end of classes. I'm really getting into the Gide book. It's kind of sad, lol, how into it I've been getting. But I'm worried that some of my favorite characters are about to make REALLY stupid decisions!! I hate it when that happens....yeah, it makes for good stories, but it could possibly ruin the characters' lives! (granted, they are not really people....but still!)

Anyway....meeting in an hour with one of the Chinese students. We're gonna chat and practice our French/English. (not my English cause it's good enough!) I will update everyone eventually.

And wooo Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

PS I got letters from Shannon and Heather! And Shannon-tell Samantha that Maisie loved the letter! LOL Shannon! I can't believe of all the people you got stuck with, it had to be Father Wannabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died laughing. Seriously. And Heather-LOL I would laugh so hard if you beat Matt up with a stilletto! (that was his name, right?) I can't believe they haven't hired anyone for the holiday season yet!!!!!! What are they thinking?! You better get yourself that book with the stories about working in retail. Pronto. You'll need it to lift your spirits once Black Friday and Christmas come around!


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