Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salut Tout le Monde!!

First of all, let me just say that I am SO sorry that I went a whole week and a half without posting a blog! I didn't even realize it!! Time has seriously flown by since my last blog. Settling back in to classes last week was.....well, annoying because no one wants to go back to school after a break! But it was nice to have something "important" to do again. Let me consult my ever-handy and almost filled (OMG) purple diary from Marsha..

Ok, so as of 11/2, I have a new motivational quote. I was stressed out because of a lot of stupid stuff and a quote from a country song popped into my mind (Heather and the Little One, you KNOW this one!) ahem, "tomorrow's another day, and I'm thirsty anyway, so bring on the rain.." LOL. The quote works great because you realize, "no matter what happens today, tomorrow is another day.." Of course I almost died laughing when I said to myself something about having an umbrella in my purse just in case....because it was about to rain outside before a class..and then I connected it with the song and thought that was just too good. But you might have had to be there to get it..

Oh yes! Guess what happened last Monday?! My stupid CUFLE teacher (you know the one Marsha!) is a dumbass. He told us before break that our Monday class would start at 4:30 instead of 5 now (so we could get out at 7 instead of 7:30!). Well....last Monday we all showed up to class at 4:30. And guess who didn't show up until 5?! Mr. Teacher!!!!!! Turns out, a student had emailed him saying it wasn't fair that one student was able to miss the first half hour because of another class she had. So without emailing us or anything, our teacher decided class would be at 5 still. W.IT.H.O.U.T. T.E.L.L.I.N.G. U.S. Of course we all got up at left at 7 because we'd been waiting for him for half an hour!!!!!!!! The next day, the entire class agreed that for the rest of the Monday classes, we would meet at 4:30. So....this Monday, we all showed up to class at 4:30. And guess who didn't show up until 5?!!!!!!!! M.R. T.E.A.C.H.E.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! Turns out he forgot that we had changed the time. Not Cool!! Not cool at all!! But we still got out at 7 because we had all been waiting there since 4:30!! Honestly though....I almost have to laugh at how stupid the whole thing was...LOL

Been listening a lot to Alex's new song "A Part of Me". I think I mentioned it in my last's so hauntingly beautiful! I could totally see it in the movie "Atonement". And get this-if you've listened to the song, you no doubt know how lovely it is. Well, Alex wrote the song for a movie. It did NOT get chosen for the movie :'( Guess what movie it was?! A movie based on a book by NICHOLAS SPARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK WTF?! This song would fit fucking perfectly into a N. Sparks book!! He wrote The Fucking Notebook!! He wrote Fucking A Walk to Remember!!!!!!! Who was the IDIOT who decided NOT to use the song?! Well whatever. I guess Alex is just TOO GOOD for Nicholas Sparks! And anyway, I read on a blog about how low Mr. Sparks is now writing books about Miley Cyrus!! So there! Alex's song will be in another movie! A MUCH better movie I'm sure! *haughtiness* And if you are wondering, the book the movie was based off of is "Dear John". Not gonna be reading that book now.

Ok..enough ranting.....sorry.....just needed to get it out of my system. Remind you of anything, by the way?! Like...for instance *coughcough* when there was a certain *song competition* for *American Idol* and the JUDGE'S SONG WON?!

Seriously. I'm done now.

Okay.....last week I had no internet for 3 days. So if you are wondering where I was, I was trapped in my room because of rain. And I had no internet. I don't even remember what I did to occupy myself. I probably just replayed Alex's new song over and over and over and over and over again.

Ah yes. Last week we U-571 fans celebrated the birthday of Mr. Tyler! He's lookin' pretty young for being so old! (LOL!)

I'm really liking my Histoire des Litteratures class. It's almost perfect :) I bought 4 books for it. 3 on medieval French literature and how the language evolved. And one on religion in France during the Middle Ages. So much fun to read! So I've been reading that quite a bit. Along with Les Faux-Monnayeurs (The Counterfeits, in English..I think) by Andre Gide. I like the Gide book, but I really can't stand Bernard. I love Edouard. I really like Olivier. But I don't understand the tension between Edouard et Bernard! I don't think I missed anything earlier in the book that would explain maybe the narrator just hasn't explained it to us yet. But it is really starting to bug me. I seriously read way too much of that book today just to see if I could find out why they have so much tension between them! OMG Kelly what has happened to you?!

I had THE WORST Arby's craving the other day! I usually don't get bad cravings. But I couldn't sleep. I could literally taste that Arby's roastbeef sandwich with Arby's sauce inside my mouth!! It REALLY SUCKED! To say the least.. and I accidentally passed the craving on to one of the other Americans here! Oops *acts innocent*

Met with the French woman on the weekend. I've noticed suddenly that my speaking is way better. It must have happened so slowly that I didn't realize it until now. But I can definitely say more without thinking now :) On Friday I'm meeting with the Chinese kid who also goes to the woman's house. We're gonna spend half the time speaking in French (he's really good) so I can work on building my speaking confidence and improve my pronunciation. And half the time in English because he wants to travel to the States and improve his English because it's not very good. So that's exciting! I'll try to get a full report on that ;)

I'm considering once I get back writing a guide to study-abroad. Seriously. There were so many things they didn't tell us and so many things we had to go through that we had no idea about. I would seriously give this book away for free to anyone who was going to study abroad. We need someone who knows the TRUTH to tell us what we're getting ourselves into! Because as much as the study abroad offices try, they really don't know.

I read in 2 days probably the most memorable and touching book I have ever read in my entire life. THANK YOU Marsha for leaving it for me to read! Ok everyone-you need to go the store today and buy, "The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die." I am not kidding. This book has changed my life, and I just finished it a few days ago. I have a whole new outlook on living. Buy the Book!! Marsha I will chat with you through email about this as soon as I get the time and energy to write to you ;) But let me just say that you are the best for lending the book to me!

Oh yes! Happy Armistice/Veteran's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no class :) Can't really beat that ;)

Oh and one more thing-Heather!!!!!!!!!!! Did you REALLY have to:
#1: Post Photos of Ghost Hunters right around Halloween Time When You Know I Am REALLY Missing It?!
#2: Really Need To Get A Photo Of the SyFy Logo On The TV Screen?! You Know How Much I Hate It!

I do love you though, lol!

Much love to everyone! I should get to bed because it's after 11 here and I have an 8am class.

Thank you Heather for registering me for classes! You rock!


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