Sunday, November 1, 2009

Okay! Back from Germany!

The long-awaited blog!! LOL I'm sorry I haven't written anything in forever!! This is going to be a loooonnnggg blog if I talk about every little detail, so I'll just summarize everything as best I can! I can't believe it's already November!! The last 2 months seriously flew by!!!!!!! Just a month and like 20 days left. So weird!

It was so much fun spending time with Marsha! She is a very cool person :) We did a lot of fun things in La Rochelle-we went up two of the towers here!!!!!!! *gasp* I know! I went up towers!!!!! With winding staircases!!!!!!! We also went to this amazing doll museum!!!!!!!!! I took tons and tons of photos, which everyone will see when I get home! I will probably have a lot more to say about all this when I do get home and can show you all the photos of our time together :)

Paris was lots of fun!! I feel so bad that Marsha got sick though :( I hope you are doing 100% better now!!!!! We saw the Eiffel Tower!!! And this beautiful Opera house!! And we went to the Louvre, and saw Notre Dame, and Sainte Chapelle! SO pretty :) Our hotel was adorable too. I would like to stay there again next time I'm vacationing in Paris ;) Marsha taught me how to use the Paris Metro! So I was riding the subway and stuff and it was way cool! I used it to get between train stations when I went to Germany! Thank you so much for teaching me how to use it, Marsha! You are the best!!

Did I mention that Marsha brought me coffee mate?! And she bought me a percalator thing so I can make REAL coffee!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love it! I've been drinking real coffee now and it tastes amazing!! Marsha and I had a lot of really nice chats :) It'll be nice to get coffee with you again next time you are in Buffalo! And I can't wait to meet your cats and see your new house <3

Munich was a lot of fun, but cold! About 10 degrees colder every day than La Rochelle.. But I was smart and brought my gloves and hat and some sweaters. I just walked around a lot and got to know the city. It's really beautiful! I'd love to go back someday. The train ride there was nice and easy. And OMG no customs! They didn't even look at passports or anything! So easy :) Which is what I like!
I did some shopping in Munich-bought some cold-weather clothing since it's getting chilly here in La Rochelle. Also bought some cute souvenirs for Jacob. I'm sure he'll love them! What's funny is that when I was in line waiting to pay for them, a song from one of his favorite bands came on the radio! It's a sign! LOL. But I thought that was really weird!

The hostel I stayed at was really nice and clean. And my bed was right next to the heater!!! I could literally reach my hand right next to me and adjust the heating. So I was not cold at all at night :) Amazing! I got coffee and breakfast every morning at the hostel too, so that was great! They were nice and they spoke English too which made everything a lot easier!

I ate a ton of German donuts :) They are AMAZING!!!!! I miss them already :( I also had some sausage stuff but didn't drink much beer or eat at any more expensive authentic German restaurants because I came down with a bad cold and could not taste anything! Why spend the money if I can't taste the food and beer LOL?!

Munich is really lovely-so much old architecture! I took some photos, which you will all see when I get home (because of course I still can't get my photos uploaded to the internet!) I can't wait to share them with everyone because then it would be wayyyy easier to talk about my time in Munich! I went into this one really pretty church and it had like gold ornamentations on the walls! So pretty!
Yeah it's hard explaining the city without showing photos!!!!!! I promise I'll tell more when I get home!

I am currently listening to a new Alex Band song!! It is absolutely gorgeous!! As Debbie on his streetteam put it, "Hauntingly beautiful". So true. I've listened to it a gazillion times already! Go to and it is called "A Part of Me", right on the front news page you can download it :) I highly recommend it! It's a duet with a female singer named Joanna, and there is just piano, and I think cello (I think that's what they said it was). Alex's voice sounds just perfect!! I was almost in tears just because of his voice, lol!
Alsoooooo, go to and listen to a sneek preview of Alex's upcoming album!!!!!!! I finally got to hear a clip of "Love" (heard it acoustically for the first time when I went to Richmond to see him play, amazing!!), and I seriously started crying. It's only 30 seconds, but his voice sounds so pure and full of emotion! I was brought to tears!!

I've also been listening to Adam Lambert's new song "Time for Miracles"!!!! LOL Marsha-it finally downloaded!! It is brilliant! His voice just totally makes the song-there's an insanely amazing part at the end! Everyone should listen to it. it's the second song in his song player. The first song is his first single from his new album (which mommy is getting for me for xmas right?! she could preorder it so I get the 16-page booklet), which is a very fun dancy sort of song which I also love!! The music video for Time for Miracles is really cool! I love it :)

I promise this won't turn into a music blog, LOL! I've just been doing lots of music listening because it's been pouring here all day and it's that "special" time of the month. Yay.

Much love to you all! If you want to know anything specific about Munich or my time in Paris, ask me a question, lol, otherwise I'll give you all the details about all the fun when I get home and can share photos!

Much love to you all!
PS Jacob is so cute! I miss him!


  1. Dear Kelly, Your happy blog was great! So full of news.Thank you for all the nice things you said about me.I loved being with you EVERY moment.I'm back 100% only dealing w/ the tail end of a cold now.Probably the airplane germs!LOL Lots of love from Dennis, Me, & our 4 kitties. xo

  2. KK!! I can't wait til you get home to see all ur photos!! and i wanna c wat you bought!!