Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just a quick update..

I'll post a real blog with all my usual goings on tomorrow. Right now I'm pissed. Here is why:

I love it here. I adore France. I love my teachers, I love the city I'm in, I love my classes. But the university has been messing up so much lately and this is the last straw for me.

It's almost 9pm here, and I just got a phone call from the English woman who picked me up from the train station 3 months ago when I first arrived. Apparently, the secretary for my university apartment complex had called her all in a dither because the electric company was going to shut off my electricity tonight. What?! I had been under the impression since arriving that my electricity was included in my monthly rent, because I pay at the end of the month. Not the case. They asked me if I had been receiving electric bills. I have not gotten any kind of bill! So, the wonderful English woman called the school back and told them that I hadn't been getting bills. Turns out now that the school was SUPPOSED to set up an account for me with the electric company the day I arrived and signed my papers for my room. But they didn't. So I haven't paid any electric bills since I arrived....3 months ago. Now I have to get up super early tomorrow, run to the office, and sign a lot of paper work before the electric company turns off my electricity tomorrow (since the school realised it was their fault, the electric company decided to be nice..) I've been crying because the school was making it out over the phone with the English woman like I was purposely not paying or something. But THEY were supposed to take care of this. I go to the office of my building all the time to get mail and stuff and the secretary has never said a thing to me.

And this isn't the only thing that has happened recently to upset me. I went to take a shower last week and my metal shower head had magically been replaced with a white plastic one. No note. No nothing. Someone came into my apartment while I was in class and walked through my apartment I have a laptop, an expensive doll, my passport, and traveler's cheques in here. Not to mention it just creeped me out!! I'm in a foreign country and I'm not quite fluent in the language and I just thought it was wayyyyy not cool.

I think given the circumstances I have every right to be upset. I love France, but I honestly can't wait now to get home for Christmas and not have to deal with this!

Oh yeah, I also found out 2 weeks ago that I wasn't even registered for any of the classes I'd been taking for almost 3 months! The school "forgot" to register me. Not cool.

So I'm sorry for the long rant...just really upset and stressed out. I feel better now that I've been able to get this off my chest.



  1. What a terrible pain in the butt ordeal you have had to deal with & work out. It IS a lot, Kelly & you have every right to be upset. I hope things fall into place again quickly for your last few days in France to be lovely memorable ones & not the nightmares of this week. Take good care honey. I'm HOPING to make the trek to Buffalo on Dec 26th. PARTY!!!

  2. pauvre kk!! ill beat them up 4 u!! seriosly tho, thats ridic!!