Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Blog Finally!

I know I know. It's been ages! But I have barely had internet for like a week. It'll be up for a few hours, and then it'll die again. Not very amusing, especially when I need my daily Alex Band Loft fix. But I digress...

I wrote some of this on Microsoft word while I had no internet. I think I started it last Thursday or Friday..

Ah the joys of study abroad! Walking the 20 minutes home from the grocery store through the Old Port in the middle of a violent rain storm, with no umbrella, and a hood that only covers half my head. Being so wet that I can't see through my glasses and walk the last 10 minutes home without them on. Sneakers so wet they will probably still be damped when I fly home in just over two weeks.

Yes, such is life abroad. Always filled with adventure.

Like right now-my internet isn't working for the hundredth time this week. So I'm typing this blog in Microsoft OneNote (which is a GREAT program, by the way!) Okay-not much of an adventure….but it is for me because it's fun typing this in a different program!

I'm pretty sure the rain storms here are so violent because of the ocean. There is so much wind that the rain hurts when it hits you. Very nice.

So let's see…..I left you all about 2 weeks ago, just after I got Alex's amazing solo album! Much has happened! Including a Thanksgiving Feast, many last classes, and a lot of work on a 20 minute presentation. I will explain it all to you starting from the furthest back, and ending with the most recent. With probably a mix of what's gone on today in the middle, lol. But I'd better pull out my diary from Marsha just to make sure I get my days straight ;)

If you want adventure/downright creepiness, this is for you. Tuesday, the 24th of November, I got up and went to take my morning shower. Laying out my clothes, getting my towel, removing the underwear I had hang-drying on my white shower head. …..WAIT!!!!!! My shower head is NOT white!! It's METAL!! I stood there for probably 15 minutes, in shock, contemplating what much have gone down in my poor bathroom sometime between Monday morning and Tuesday morning. Did some creeper come in and pull a practical joke?! Should I shower, or was there acid in the shower head?! I finally decided it must have been the custodial staff for Ville en Bois. And I was (and still am!) aghast!!!!!! Ok-Some plumber/custodian dude must have come into my room sometime on Monday while I was in class. And changed my shower head. And also must have done something to all my faucets because the water pressure is definitely different. Though he didn't change the stoppers….because the water still turns itself on if I don't turn it off tight enough (thank you Ghost Hunters for teaching me valuable plumbing information!!). And I notice also a boot print by my heater……I think they must have come in to inspect my appliances. Which would NOT bother me one bit had they waited until I was home, or even LEFT A NOTE!!!!! Seriously people! If you had left a note saying you had stopped by, I wouldn't care. But the whole thing just creeps me out!!!!!!! I mean, these people have a key to my room. My room does not have a deadbolt. They come in and make a MAJOR change in my opinion (come on, who ISN'T gonna notice a new shower head?!) and don't even give notice. WTF. Something is wrong with this picture people. I am a poor little FOREIGN student! Maybe it is normal to the French kids to deal with this. But not normal for me!!!!! I have a laptop in my room, my passport, traveler's cheques, an expensive doll!! I leave it in my room because I assumeD they were all safe!! *And yes, I DID lock my door when I went to class on Monday!* And I could even see this happening if I lived in a residence hall. But I don't! I live in a student apartment!! I thought I'd have privacy!! What is really creepy is that they must have seen my underwear. It was drying right next to the effing showerhead!! Not to mention, all my womanly items and stuff. Am I wrong to be pissed off to high Heaven?!?! I was ready to run my ass over to the place I pay my rent, but decided I like the little woman who works there too much. I've been keeping close tabs on everything. If this happens again and I am not informed, I am going straight to the Ville en Bois office and leaving a note AND saying I want to speak to someone of importance. Or I'll talk to the nice American teacher. Because this is just fucking uncalled for. I was seriously not sure if I'd be showering anymore while here, lol! It is just CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!

Not a whole lot happened until Thanksgiving. But the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I was telling the old French lady I go to see all about my goodies from Marsha! She knows I don't have an oven, and was curious about this whole Thanksgiving thing. So she invited us Americans to spend Thanksgiving with her! So I prepared everything that Marsha sent me, and then went over to Francoise's for dinner with another American student (the 3rd girl could not make it). Our lovely hostess had made us a main dish!!!!!!!! Chicken in a curry sauce, with white rice! Very yummy! It was fun having a "traditional" Thanksgiving meal with a really untraditional main dish! We had such an enjoyable evening, and we didn't leave until 9 in the evening! I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! It will be a great memory and I'll never forget it :) Thank you Marsha for all the goodies!! It really made the day extra special!

The only thing that sucked about Thanksgiving was getting up for an 8am class….and then going to another class at 1:30. I really felt like they had no right to make me go to class, lol. I even could barely get myself to take any notes. Next year, I am totally SNOOZING until like 10am!!!!!!

I've been rapping up a of my classes. Exams coming up so I've been trying to study (lol). And I've been working on a presentation with the girl from Watertown. It's supposed to be 20 minutes long. Just a long essay we read out loud. Probably will be just under 20 minutes. I also started getting stuff packed away (like things I won't be using anymore that are just taking up space) and I also made a pile of stuff that I will be shipping home as soon as I feel like buying a box at La Poste.

I feel like I might be coming down with something. But it could just be from all the rain and all the stress over exams.

One thing is for sure. I LOVE my electricity :) <3

Oh and I got the sweetest letter from Jacob the other day!! I heart it! But I promised him I wouldn't let anyone else read it because he doesn't think he's good at writing letters, aww ;)

Nothing else exciting going on. Oh except yeah the electricity thing that I didn't explain yet. I woke up at 7 this morning because I thought they'd be calling me early and I'd have to go to the Ville en Bois office. Good thing I was up and dressed. Because at 7:30 exactly, my obnoxiously loud doorbell rang! It was the Ville en Bois secretary/housekeeper. She was very sweet and all I had to do was sign a sheet of paper so I could start getting electric bills, lol! I still can't believe they forgot to do that 3 months ago….and then never realized it. Yes. Studying abroad can be VERY interesting. Let me tell ya.

And um....in the week since getting caught in that rainstorm, I've gotten sick. I seriously slept all day Sunday. My voice is almost nonexistant and I'm coughing all the time. Not good. I have my 20 minute presentation in like 2 hours!! LOL maybe the teacher will see I'm sick and take pity on me. Thankfully I have a pharmacy right across the street. Since this thing hasn't yet cleared up, I think I'll be stopping by and picking up some meds. I have 3 exams this week (besides the presentation) and I need to be able to focus!

Ta Ta for Now!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO PAPA AND GRAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dec. 5th!)

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