Friday, December 11, 2009

My Phone Call with ALEX BAND!!!!!!

More on my regular daily life coming either later today or tomorrow ;)

So what's been going on in the life of Kelly lately…..hmmm……nothing too interesting. Just the usual. You know, exams, studying, internet not working, phone call from Alex Band, great foo-----WAIT! A PHONE CALL from Mr. ALEX BAND himself?! WHAT?!

Yes Yes it's true!!!!!!!!!!! I am in Alex Band Land Heaven at the moment :) He called me last night just before midnight! It was so surreal! I knew I'd be getting the phone call because I bought all 12 Black Star Bracelets, and I got an email saying I'd probably be getting my call yesterday. But seriously….when my phone started ringing and I saw that it was an "unknown number" I KNEW it was him!!!!! I'm sure you can all picture my excitement! And my extreme nervousness! I HATE talking on the phone to people I don't know! I mean, I've met Alex before….but a phone call is just SO much more personal!! I answered and was like, "Hello?" And he was like, "Hi, is this Kelly?" And I recognized his voice right away :) And I was like "Yes it is" and he was like "This is Alex Band" and I was like "I know!" And then we talked for like 4 minutes!! He thanked me for buying all 12 bracelets and asked if I like the album (Of course I love it!!) and asked me my favorite song :) And asked me if I like the bracelets, and I told him they are actually waiting for me back home in Buffalo because I'm studying in France right now. And he thought that was really cool! And he asked me how I am LOL he was like, "how old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" Of course I don't mind!!!! And he asked me how long I've been a fan and stuff and thanked me for sticking with him through the many many years of struggling to get the solo album out. And he asked if I had any questions for him. I didn't. Of course now that the phone call is over with I've thought of a few, LOL! But I told him that I just wanted to tell him how much his music means to me, and that's it's like my reason for waking up every morning and blah blah blah. And he seemed SO touched by it! And said that "that really means a lot to me". And he said that no matter where I am next year, I will get to see him on tour!!!!!!!!! And I told him that I hope his album does really well because it's amazing and the whole world needs to hear it and it deserves it to be a success. And he seems really happy to hear that :) And he wished me a safe trip home and a happy holiday with my family! He is SOOOOOOO incredibly sweet!! I just can't even express it! He really WANTED to talk to me, and get to know me! He didn't rush me off the phone. He kept asking questions and stuff and was just SO sweet!!!! He is seriously like THE nicest person in the entire world!! I heart him SO much!! I love his album even more now because of how amazingly nice he is!! I wanted to listen to it all night, but decided I'd better get some sleep, Lol.

SOOOOO happy!!

<~ Bonus Pick from Richmond last year


  1. As I already told you on the phone KK, I'm sooo happy for you!! That's an amazing experience that you will never forget!!


    *kissies from Mocha*

  2. I never saw these pics! How awesome. Maybe you can be an ambassador for Alex Band and his causes. Put in a word for yourself! You've got to be one of his biggest fans. :)