Saturday, May 29, 2010


What a week it has been! I finished The Swan Thieves, started and finished Letter to My Daughter (reviews of both books will be up asap!), and started Alison Croggon's The Crow. I also finally have Waiting for Columbus Thomas Trofimuk!! I've wanted this book for months, ever since I saw The Book Lady's post about it back when I was in France.

I celebrated my 21st birthday (which was crazy and oh so fun!) with my twin sister Heather. I had of course my first legal drink in public in the USA. And it was free :) Because, as the waiter so nicely put it (in an adorable South American accent, too!), "you are twins?! That is SOOOO cute!!". Yes. I have to admit. We are pretty cute.

I also finally got myself a job! The months-long search for an income has finally come to an end! And I will be cleaning houses. I'm pretty excited. Of course, it's not the ideal job. But hey, it's definitely better than retail! Now I'll have more money to support my Alex Band/knitting/reading habits :) Because I'm one of those weird people who spends way too much money on 1)concerts (and travelling to them), 2)expensive wool yarn (preferably alpaca), and 3)books, because I love taking notes in them and underlining my fave parts. Can't do that in a library book!

So hopefully later today or tomorrow I'll have some new reviews up :) It all depends. Happy Memorial Day weekend to whoever is reading this!


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