Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation Reads Planning

My family is taking our yearly vacation in a week, and I am starting to make a list of books to bring and read while I'm there. This year, we are going to Newport, Rhode Island (which just happens to be very close to Warwick, RI, where the group from my favorite tv show, Ghost Hunters, is stationed!!). Of course, I did "not" let that influence my decision to beg my mom to take us to Newport *angel eyes*, I swear! We are, of course, since we are "in the neighborhood" going to try finding the TAPS building for a photo op with Kelly (moi) in front of the sign. I won't look ridiculous at all. Really. And seriously, I'm not usually this stalker-esque. I'm just super excited to be so near the place that has helped feed my life-long love and fascination of the paranormal!

So back on track….this year I'm thinking of bringing along The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Book Thief. I know they are both long, and I usually don't read as much as I think I will on family vacations, but I still can't bring myself to take just one book. Two books equals extra security. If I do finish one, I have another waiting for me! I was hoping to have a few more books under my belt before leaving, but busyness has gotten in the way of my reading. I'll be finishing The Lace Reader this weekend, and then I want to read The Time Traveler's Wife this next week, to be finished before we leave next Sunday. I can totally pull that one off.

I'm also toying with the idea of stopping by my library and getting an audiobook or two.  I've never done audiobooks before but I get carsick when I read in moving I'm wondering if an audiobook would be good to pass the time.  Do they still have them in CD format?? 

I'm looking forward to getting away and finding some local book stores in Newport/Warwick. If anyone knows of any, let me know!

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