Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Book By Tatiana de Rosnay-A Secret Kept

I loved Tatiana de Rosnay's Sarah's Key. So I was ridiculously excited when I saw last night that she has a new book coming out in September! And, of course, it takes place in France. Which makes it even better. Seriously-set a crappy book in France, and it might just get better ;) What's even better is that the island in the book is pretty close to La Rochelle, the city I studied in for 4 months last Fall. I am SO reading this! I love France's Atlantic Coast *sigh*.

The new book is called A Secret Kept and in the USA it will be out September 14th! I think I'll drop by my local book store and see about preordering a copy.
Maybe I'll buy myself a French copy if I don't want to wait. Of course it would probably take until September to get to me anyway!

The book is available for preorder at  For more info on the author, visit

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