Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Classes Recap + Awesome New Business French Program

Just because.  My twin sister is across the Atlantic in France and phone calls are mad expensive.  And I need to share my day with someone, so blog world, it is you.

Yesterday began semester 1 of senior year at Buffalo State College.  It was an interesting day.  My friend got home the night before from a month away in Kenya (yes, Africa!  How cool is that??  She was doing an Anthropological field school).  So she didn't have a parking pass or anything yet, so we carpooled.  She was so jetlagged and exhausted from the 14 hour flight from Africa to JFK.  Poor thing!

I started my school day with a new class being offered at BSC, French for Business.  It is going to be AWESOME!!!!  I got to buy a Business French-English dictionary, which also has Canadian French terms in it!!  The school is trying to get a whole new French Business program started, and I'm kind of really jealous.  This is the first class of it, and in Spring 2012, they are hoping to start a new phase of it, semester-long internships (worth 12 to 15 credit hours!!) in French-speaking Canada!  And eventually they'd like to get internships going in French-speaking Africa!!  I will no longer be a student by then :(  But for anyone who's interested in something like this, I say apply to Buff State!  It's going to be so awesome!  The class itself teaches us all about the French/French Canadian business world.  We will be learning tons of new vocab, how to open a bank account in French speaking countries (which I already know, from my stay in France..), and how to write an acceptable resume and business letter in French-speaking countries.  This is so cool!!!!!!

I then had my German 201 class.  It's small, which is awesome.  It means more one on one with the teacher.  All my French classes at Buff. State have been small too, some with just 5 students, and it has helped SO much! 

Then was Introduction to the Old Testament.  I'm not the least bit religious.  I was raised Catholic, but never connected with the religion.  I feel closest to the "higher powers" when I'm out in nature, so I don't do the whole "church and religion thing", but I need to take a Humanities class to graduate.  And I know this teacher.  Plus, a lot of books I read have allusions to parts of the Bible, so this might help.  I am a firm believer in being a well-rounded person, which includes knowing all about different religions.  I think being educated on different religious beliefs makes a person less likely to hate others for whatever religion they practice..

Then I had the dreaded Folklore class.  I'm not looking forward to it.  The teacher is pretty much evil.  Everyone I know who's taken this class, my sister and a friend from French Club included, have hated it.  Not because of the work load.  The teacher is just all over the place and never properly describes assignments and papers.  And this is a writing intensive class (I need two to graduate, and this was the only one I could get into this semester..), so we'll be writing a lot.  I love writing though, and I can always ask my sister and friend for help if need be.

Today I have another French class, but I have no idea what it's about.  Grammar, perhaps??  I'll let you know after class I guess. 

I have tons of vocab to study (which is awesome,  because I haven't had to study vocab in about two years!), but I'm not taking any Lit. classes (which sort of sucks because I LOVE French lit. classes!!), so I've had lots of time to read.  Expect some reviews this week :)


  1. I'm so jealous about that business french program!! Can you say post-bac?!

  2. LOL yeah I was just telling mommy about the whole post-bac thing!!

  3. she just nodded and was like "uh huh". she was on the computer, lol