Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Green Books Campaign-Because All Is Not Lost: Verse on Grief

So first of all, go check out because they support a super awesome cause.  I'm a total treehugger and often feel guilty about the number of books I own.  Those were once trees.  Beautiful, big, old-growth trees.  This campaign is a way to educate book readers on the eco-friendly book options out there.  They feature books printed with recyclable and renewable resources.

The book I requested and read was a book of poetry by Sweta Srivastava Vikram, titled Because All is not lost: Verse on grief.

Because all is not lost: Verse on grief (World Voices)

This collection of poems is short, only about 25 pages long, but it is also very powerful.  Anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one needs to read this.  I lost my dad two years ago, and reading these poems, it was like Vikram's feelings were my own.  I connected with every one of them and reread them each many times over.  I am a huge poetry fan, but haven't read any since my Poetry 101 class last semester, which was pretty much the "class from Hell".  (Or so I thought until an awful class this semester)  Reading the beautiful poems in this collection was so refreshing after not reading poetry for so long (and reading poetry I absolutely detested in my poetry class..).  Vikram's prose are gorgeous and flow effortlessly.  I know this is a short and sweet review, but it's hard to write a lot about a short little poetry collection that makes a hell of an impact. 

Just take my word for it and read it!  There weren't any poems I didn't like.  I loved them all, and I definitely want to read more by Sweta Srivastava Vikram.

For more info on the Green Books Campaign, go here.  For more info on Sweta Srivastava Vikram, go here.


  1. There is nothing like poetry. I say, Let's get rid of all the textbooks in the world and replace them with poetry. And then let's see what happens!

    My Green review is here:

    I hope you will stop by.

  2. I love poetry too (as you may be able to guess from my name!)

  3. How fantastic! I had no idea there was a Green Books Campaign! Thanks for posting about it.

  4. stopping by from another stop on the tour....I reviewed this poetry chapbook in August:

    I really loved it and the connection you could make so easily with her verse. She does have another book out, if you are interested, "Kaliedoscope: An Asian Journey of Colors"

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