Saturday, March 23, 2013

Starting a Book Club and Coffee Explosion

So, I was just about to start typing up this post, when I heard a loud noise come from the kitchen.  Boyfriend was making coffee with the purcolator.  Have you ever made coffee with one of those??  Well, he forgot to put one of the pieces inside (the one with the holes that goes over the coffee grounds..) and wet coffee grounds exploded EVERYWHERE.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.  He's in deep shit.  I will be the only one using that contraption from now on.  We just wiped down all the kitchen and bathroom walls, and all the floors, including in the bedroom.  And the fridge.  And it is a freaking mess.  I know I told him earlier that I was going to do some cleaning today, but this is NOT WHAT I MEANT!


One of my best friends and I are starting a book club, and I just wanted to share my excitement with you, and ask some questions of you.

We're getting together tomorrow to officially plan it all.  We have a few other people who want to take part in the book club.  Anna and I will be choosing the first book and then we'll all meet and talk about it.  It's just easier to have a book already started because I don't want our first meeting to be all "well, I want to read this."  "But I want to read this!"  And we know that we all have similar reading tastes, so we will avoid that for the first meeting.

Some questions for you:
How often does your book club meet?
Where do you meet?  At someone's house, out somewhere?
Do you bring questions to discuss just in case there isn't a natural flow of conversation about the book?

Anything else you'd like to add??  And hey, if you live in or around Buffalo, come and join us!!

And now I'm off to buy disposable mop heads because the floors are nasty and I'm not using my washable ones on that.

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