Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just a Random Update

Hello everyone!  I actually had a review scheduled for today and then right before it posted I realized that the book doesn't come out until September..  I don't like to post reviews until a book is actually published, so I had to move it back.  So I figured I'd give a little random life update in its place since I don't want to mess with the review schedule that I have set all nicely on my phone.

It is summer (yay!), but it feels weird because this is only my second summer without a long summer vacation.  I think of summer and I think of lazy days spent reading and swimming and taking day trips.  But in reality I'm working working working!  I guess it's something you get used to.  And I also guess I should have gone to school for teaching!

At any rate, I am getting quite a bit of reading done.  I've been in my own apartment with Boyfriend and Peabody for almost a year and we don't have cable, and it has improved my reading immensely because instead of flopping down with the remote I flop down with a book! 

I have been slacking in my French reading lately, and I'd really like to improve that.  I have a few more French books on my shelves, and some time this fall I'd like to make another big order from for more books!  I'd love to get a nice mix of classics and contemporary, so if anyone has any recommendations in those categories, let me know :)

So that is life right now.  I haven't had a day off of work since Memorial Day in May.  I work on the Quebec team so I had to work for the Fourth of July, which was fine with me because my family wasn't really doing anything.  But I cannot wait to have a long weekend in September to go camping with Boyfriend and Peabody!  And then Boyfriend and I are taking a little vacation to Vermont and the Adirondacks in October, which I am SO excited about!  It's going to be full of hiking!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer and doing a lot of beach/pool side reading :)

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