Sunday, June 13, 2010

Album Review: Mindy McCready's "I'm Still Here"

Since music plays just as big a part in my life as books, I thought it would be fun to do a review every once in a while of new music I'm listening to. I haven't been able to buy much new music since returning from France, but thankfully my birthday = new music. Plus my sisters buy CDs pretty frequently. Now that I have my new job, I'm hoping to buy more music!

About a month before my 21st birthday (which is May 27th, by the way), I was feeling nostalgic and decided to google one of my favorite singers from my childhood. My dad had Mindy's first 2 albums, which I grew up listening to. Her 3rd album, "I'm Not So Tough," was the first CD I ever bought, and it's till one of my faves. During my google research, I stumbled upon the news that Mindy had just released a new album. I was quite ecstatic. It was immediately added to my birthday list and then promptly bought and wrapped and hidden in a closet by my wonderful mother.

(just a side note-if Mindy's name sounds familiar, it could be because you recognize her from Celebrity Rehab. I don't watch the show but I know she was on it.)

I'm not a big country music person, but I do like some of it. Mindy's new album is AMAZING. I've been pretty much addicted to it since that first listen. It's a very mellow album, but that said, I personally think it's her best album yet (though I still have to buy and listen to her 4th, self-titled, album). It's depressing at times-there are songs about love gone bad and making the wrong decisions. But it's also very uplifting. My favorite song is the title track, "I'm Still Here". It literally took my breath away the first time I heard it. Knowing all the hardship Mindy has gone through these past few years (see: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew), this song to me is so uplifting because she's saying, "Yeah, life has sucked, and it's not going to improve over night, but I am still here." I replay that song a few times every time I listen to the album! My other favorite song is "Fades". I think it might be about how having faith can get you through tough times. I'm not religious, but my Nature worshipping self can still definitely relate to the song.

You can preview the songs at Mindy McCready's Official Website. You can also purchase her album, "I'm Still Here", at and at Itunes. If you decide to take a listen, let me know what you think, especially if you know Mindy's earlier stuff!

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