Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let Thankfully Reading Weekend Begin!

Tomorrow is the start of Thankfully Reading Weekend, hosted by Jenn.  I'll probably post my reading updates sporadically on Twitter, with the hashtag #thankfulreading.

My goal for this weekend is simple: to devote most of my time to reading French books, because I've been slacking so much with those!  I'll probably also focus on finishing up the book I'm reading for book club.  Since I'm working on Black Friday (Hi, Canadians!  Why must you work when the American CS rep should be off??  It's okay though, I do like the extra money!!), I won't be spending much time reading that day (unless the phones and email box are dead, which they might be!).  But I plan on devoting the rest of the weekend to relaxing and reading.  And also cleaning up for the cocktail party the boyfriend and I are hosting next weekend!!

So, I hope you all have wonderul, relaxing weekends, even if you're not spending it reading.  And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my fellow Americans :)

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